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Steve Peat - 2009 Downhill World Champion

Steve Peat - 2009 Downhill World Champion

Warning - results spoiler in article title (but if you don't know by now, where have you been?!)! UK riders will be celebrating today! Some woke up early to watch the events from Canberra unfold on Freecaster, others go up to find this morning to find the overnight news. Peaty is World Champion!
The news spread like wildfire. The result many hoped for finally but few dared vocalise came true with Steve nailing the elusive World Championships win with a perfect run, a mere 0.05" ahead of team-mate Greg Minnaar.

Bucking the trend, both riders were on big bikes with no real concessions to the short and pedally course apart from tyre choice.

Enough words - watch the full replay on Freecaster and enjoy Warner's commentary as the top riders destroy the course and places are decided.

Nice one Steve!

Full results are on the UCI website.

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