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Greno Woods Dig Day

Greno Woods Dig Day

It's nearly Steel City Mini DH time in Greno Woods and while the lads from have been busy with the machines already, it's time to lend a spade for some hand fettling at the weekend...
This Saturday, 24th March, we will be holding out first Dig Day on the newly constructed track in Greno Woods. We need as much help as possible to get the track in to as good a condition as possible before race day. It is also a great opportunity to learn a few lines ready for the race.

www.BikeTrack.Org have done a great job so far of putting in the main features on track and will be back with the machines later to finish the job. However, there are lots of bits where hand work would be very helpful to complete the job and tweak what is already there.

Date: Saturday 24th of March

Time: 10:30 15:30

Meet: In the Wharncliffe Car Park on Woodhead Rd by 1030 or down on the track from then on.

Lunch will be provided by BigStone.

Please bring any spades, mattocks and shovels you can to help.

More information over at Ride Sheffield for the FaceBook massive there is an event here :

See you on Saturday!

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